TRACKUM is a small software product marketing company. Our focus is to seek out small niche markets, small enough to be un-serviced by the large software providers, where we are competing with other small companies like ourselves. Our mission is to provide a simple easy to use database solution for each market we enter.

I started this business in the early 90's when I discovered that I enjoyed programming and set out to create a fun job for myself. I have a talent for keeping things simple and this has helped me be successful in small business markets.

We don't have a staff of programmers. Instead, we look for people like you to write a nice easy to use program that we can market. Your reward is a royalty check each and every month.

A simple easy to use application for a small niche market will pay you ten to twenty thousand dollars in royalties per year for many years to come. Your only responsibility will be to maintain the source code.

Dennis Collins